Why Blade Barber?

It really works!

Prototype Blade Barbers


Sharpen Skates at home, in the dressing room or even rink side.

The bite angle achieved by the Blade Barber is more accurate than any skate sharpener!

Learning to sharpen skates should take 10-15 minutes initially.  With a little practice skates will take less than 5 minutes to sharpen.

Made from the best materials available including sub-micron tungsten carbide and ceramic.

The Blade Barber was designed and patented by Tim Maxwell from Stittsville Ontario and it is proudly made in Canada.

The Blade Barber removes steel from your skate blade by shaving it, like a woodworking plane.  

The Blade Barber has been tested on hundreds of skates over the years and the overwhelming response is that the edges feel great.




We understand!

We've skated on dull or damaged edges.

We've been short on time to sharpen our skates.

The pro shop has been too busy to sharpen our skates.

The pro shop has given us a bad sharpening.

All these problems vanish when you own the Blade Barber.  

And you can save money too.

Early Prototype with

skate blade shavings

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